Update 0.8.0 Hotfix #2 Patch Notes

July 3, 2024

Update 0.8.0 Hotfix #2 is available for troopers to download June 28th at 1:30PM PT (GMT-7)

This update is a hotfix to address community reported issues following Update 0.8.0. If you'd like to discuss Update 0.8.0 Hotfix #2 with your fellow troopers, please feel free to join the Starship Troopers: Extermination Community Discord!

Horde Spawning Temporary Fix

Troopers may have experienced issues completing Horde mode, which prevented Horde waves from being completed. We have investigated the issue further and have discovered a cause.

During a Horde wave, we found that some Bugs would disappear or not spawn but still be listed as needing to be killed in the Mission Objective. The disappearance of the bugs prevented troopers from completing Horde waves.

We are still digging into where these Bugs end up, we suspect Brain Bugs to be involved. In the meantime, we are deploying a temporary fix that involves some other changes around it

Horde Spawning Changes

  • Horde waves will now queue up DOUBLE the amount of Bugs to spawn.
  • The waves will still only require you to kill the original amount.
    • Ex: If a wave wants you to kill 50 bugs, it will spawn a total of 100 over the course of the wave.
  • At the end of each wave, any remaining bugs on the field will burrow.
  • At the end of Wave 10, the bug will not burrow but continue to assault you.
  • The dropship extraction is now INCREASED to the normal 3 minutes since you have to deal with bugs now. 
  • The Speed Modifier has been REMOVED from Horde Mode. We will reintroduce it when we have a solid fix in place.

This is a temporary fix we have in place to enable Horde mode for troopers, but it does have a few neat design additions to how Horde games will play out.

  • There is no longer a need to seek out and track bugs down; there are plenty to exterminate, keeping the pacing high until the end of the wave.
  • The end of Horde change is just something we are trying, and we will see how people feel. Whether you extract or not, you still get the XP reward from finishing the wave and completing Horde, and it brings back the excitement of extraction.

We are committed to finding a lasting solution for Horde spawns. In the meantime, we hope this hotfix will bring troopers back into the excitement and action of the Horde gamemode! 

Modifier Changes

We will be ENABLING the Warrior Ambush to all matches EXCLUDING Horde and Hive Hunts. This is to help with the low Bug counts troopers experience during base defense.

Known Issues

  • Troopers may face a lower rate of Bug spawns than expected. We are currently investigating our spawner logic for Bugs.
  • When Bugs burrow, shooting them or interacting with them in any way that causes an animation will cause the burrow to break. With our temporary solution, this animation break will be more obvious to the average trooper.
  • Bugs may also look like they are popping up briefly from burrows. With our temporary solution forcing bug burrows of so many bugs, this will be more obvious to the average trooper.
  • Troopers may find themselves stuck in spectator view after being revived from the incapacitated state. The current workaround is to ask fellow troopers to incapacitate and revive you again. We will be adjusting our friendly fire systems until this is fixed to prevent troopers from being erroneously marked as Federation Traitors til this issue is resolved.
  • Team Voice Chat sometimes stops working during a match. We are working with our Voice Chat provider for a solution.
  • Previously usable controller bindings and settings may run into issues being changed. As an alternative fix, you may try using Steam Input.
  • Troopers may see flickering texture issues If “Persistent Blood” in the settings is ENABLED.
  • Troopers may find Bugs phasing through built gates and Carnage body piles.
  • Bugs may experience increased knockback and float-off when affected by stagger.
  • Extended Magazines may double your rounds. This is not intended, and respawning will cause this to go back to normal.
  • Grenade cooldowns reset if you are incapacitated if it is still in cooldown.
  • NVIDIA Shadowplay currently may not function.
  • Missing labels and descriptions for the “Axis Bindings” settings menu.

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