Classes: Are You Doing Your Part?

Take up arms as one of the Deep Space Vanguard’s specialized soldiers and show those Bug bastards the meaning of pain.

Using its mobility to gain crucial vantage points, the Sniper is unparalleled in their reconnaissance and firepower capabilities.
Equipped with a jet pack and the best tools for close-quarters combat, the Ranger is a swift and lethal threat to the Bug menace.
With expert knowledge in all things explosive, the Demolisher effortlessly blasts their way through the endless Arachnid swarms.
The Guardian stands as the Federation's foremost defensive juggernaut, equipped with hardened armor plates and formidable machine guns.
The Engineer is a master of base building that is just as skilled at defending it with toys like flamethrowers and mines.
Whenever a trooper finds themselves in trouble, a Medic is there to save the day with its critical healing abilities and Medical UAV drone.








BUGS: This Place Crawls, Sir!

Bigger and more dangerous bugs will emerge over the course of your missions, and you’re going to want to know what’s headed your way.


The Drone may seem small and weak, but underestimate them at your own peril – a pack can easily wipe out a fleet of troopers before you know it.


Your boots better be on tight because the unrelenting aggression of the Warrior bug is enough to make you jump out of them.


If you think you’re the only one who can fight at range, think again: the Gunner bug is the bane of Assault troopers everywhere, and their jet packs won’t save them.

Plasma Grenadier

The Plasma Grenadier may be slow, but their plasma assault can melt through trooper defenses at an alarming rate.

Tiger Elite

The Tiger Elite is an apex predator that demands the attention of every trooper on the battlefield – take this sucker out fast or we’ll be sending what’s left of you home in a shoe box.


Worlds: An Ugly Planet, A Bug Planet!

It’s a Bug-infested universe out there, and it’s your job to clean it up, Troopers! See what you can expect during your missions on each planet’s surface.

The Desert Planet of Valaka

Sand gets everywhere, and it’s annoying, but you’ll be too busy worrying about the Bug threat emerging from those dunes. Watch your step as the enemy surfaces just in time for you to put ‘em down.

The Hellfire of Agni Prime

When the volcano erupts, it’s time to take cover! Keep an eye out for showers of pure hellfire during your missions, Troopers – the Bugs don’t mind it at all, but you certainly will.

The Hive

You’re in the thick of it now, Troopers! “Home Sweet Home” isn’t something the Bugs are familiar with as the Hives are the deadliest places you’ll find on any planet. There’s no time to let your guard down here.

Relentless Hordes

Troopers defend the Mobile Headquarters (MHQ) at the base against 10 increasingly difficult waves of Bugs. Fight off Bugs that spawn in finite but scaling numbers and agression. Can you survive wave after wave of relentless Hordes.

Sandstorms of Valaka

Valakan sandstorms obscure your vision, which is exactly what the Bugs want. Coordinate with your squad to ensure you know where the threat’s coming from.

The Volcanic Planet of Agni Prime

The greens and reds are a welcome change of pace from the arid deserts, but don’t think of this as a vacation spot: Agni Prime’s got one heck of a volcano that could blow at any second.

The Threat of the Nest

Descend into the heart of darkness, where every step forward brings you closer to confronting the monstrous bugs that await you.

Charging Into The Fight

Arm yourself and charge headlong into the fray, swarming with enemy bugs eager to overwhelm you. "You know what to do Trooper"


Weapons: Put ‘Em Down For Good!

You can’t squash a Bug without a swatter, so each Trooper has been issued the right tool for the job.

Morita MK1 Assault Rifle

Standard issue for all troopers, the Morita MK1 is ol’ reliable to the Deep Space Vanguard. Packed with solid firepower, you’ll find no better fit for most situations.

Morita XXX Sniper Rifle

When it comes to blasting Bugs at range, nothing does it better. The Morita XXX Sniper Rifle is capable of completely obliterating targets at a distance.

Morita MK3 SAW

If mowing down a horde of Bugs is the job, then you’d be wise to pick the Morita MK3 SAW as your tool. Equipped with a huge magazine, its ability to rip and tear is unmatched.

FU-17 Flamethrower

No one hates the smell of napalm in the morning more than the Arachnids. Able to engulf anything that comes close enough, the FU-17 Flamethrower is perfect for Bug barbecue.


This multi-barreled grenade launcher is able to rain down a flurry of explosive wrath, making this weapon a trusty companion for those desiring a less-than-surgical solution to the Arachnid menace!

TW-2 S.P.L.I.T. Shotgun Auto

This Upgraded Auto Shotgun promises to amplify your extermination efforts, release a wrath of lead at a deadly rate that echos bug screams.

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