Update 0.8.0 Hotfix #1 Patch Notes

June 27, 2024

Update 0.8.0 Hotfix #1 is available now for troopers to download.

This update is a hotfix to address community reported issues following Update 0.8.0. If you'd like to discuss Update 0.8.0 Hotfix #1 with your fellow troopers, please feel free to join the Starship Troopers: Extermination Community Discord!

Crash Fixes

  • We have put in a fix to remedy a common crash troopers are experiencing tied to Carnage. (~70% of Crashes)
  • We have put in a fix to remedy a common crash that troopers are experiencing that is tied to Bug Ragdoll Audio Components. (~20% of Crashes)

Known Issues

  • Troopers may find themselves stuck in spectator view after being revived from the incapacitated state. The current workaround is to ask fellow troopers to incapacitate and revive you again. We will be adjusting our friendly fire systems until this is fixed to prevent troopers from being erroneously marked as Federation Traitors til this issue is resolved.
  • Team Voice Chat sometimes stops working during a match. We are working with our Voice Chat provider to find a solution.
  • Bug spawning issues are mainly present in Horde mode and are preventing mission completion in the Horde game mode.

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