Federation Dossier: Embrace the Carnage

June 24, 2024

Greetings, Troopers! Today, we’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking new feature that’s set to revolutionize your gameplay experience in Starship Troopers: Extermination. Get ready for Carnage!

What is Carnage?

Carnage is our latest groundbreaking innovation in battlefield dynamics. With Carnage, the aftermath of your battles against the Bug menace becomes an enduring part of the landscape. Gone are the days when fallen enemies vanish into thin air; now, countless Bug corpses can remain scattered across the terrain and persist until you and your fellow troopers choose to obliterate them.

But that’s just the beginning. Blood decals will now permanently stain various areas of the map, serving as a stark and visceral reminder of the intense and brutal conflicts that have transpired. Every skirmish will leave its mark, ensuring that with each battle fought, the sacrifices made are immortalized in the blood-soaked grounds of war.

A Realistic Battlefield

We believe that the addition of Carnage will provide troopers with a more realistic and immersive experience that fans expect from a Starship Troopers game. Witnessing the aftermath of your skirmishes offers tangible evidence of your impact in the ongoing war against the Arachnid menace. With every fallen foe, you’ll feel the weight of your actions and the relentless intensification of the conflict. Carnage ensures that the consequences of each battle are vividly etched into the world around you, enhancing the depth and authenticity of your gameplay experience.

More Than Visuals

As you watch the Carnage unfold, troopers will realize this feature is more than just a visual enhancement. Bug corpses will now have full-body collisions, creating new paths and obstacles that can alter the course of a battle.

Troopers need to keep in mind that living Bugs will adapt to these changes, as they will update their navigation dynamically to take advantage of the new terrain created by their fallen brethren. This allows those pesky Bugs to reach previously inaccessible areas, adding an extra layer of tactics and unpredictability to each encounter.

With an ever-evolving environment now in play, every action has more meaning, and troopers must be more vigilant in their mission to exterminate the Bug menace.Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, with Update 0.8.0, we invite troopers to plunge into increasingly chaotic landscapes filled with mountains of Bugs. We’re confident this will provide a unique gaming experience you won’t find anywhere else.

This is just the beginning for Carnage, as this is a system we’re committed to improving and expanding upon to bring you even more unique gameplay opportunities. We can’t wait to see how you tackle the enhanced challenges and strategize your way through the Bug-infested terrains. With Carnage, every battle is a step into the unknown, every sacrifice will be remembered, and every victory is a testament to your skill and courage.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on this new system. If Carnage has got you scratching to exterminate some bugs, you can find fellow troopers to aid your mission in the ST:E Community Discord! We leave you with some unsealed photos from our development on Carnage but remember troopers when the time comes... Kill ’em all!

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